HardLock® Quick Coupler S45

HardLock® Quick Coupler S45

Double locking devices for optimum grip and maximum safety

Excavator weight: 5 - 12 tonnes

SMP HardLock® S50 offers maximum safety with double locking devices which are totally hydro mechanical.
The clip-on works with a traditional lockable knife wedge system, which offers increased safety with the tightest grip. The quick-mounting design is based upon the reversible ‘S’ models. The double locking elements guarantee zero-play against connected tools and equipment for less wear and tear and a longer life span.
SMP’s hydraulic quick coupler HardLock® was especially designed for a secure hold between the arm and bucket or tool.
– Marker safety lock
– Front excenter locking device
– Indicator rear key locking
– Rear key locking device
100% secure A traditional lockable knife wedge system in combination with excenter locking and mechanical front axel locking, ensuring a 100% secure connection.
Reversible SMP´s HardLock® Quick Coupler is based on the reversible ’S’ models and is designed with double locking devices.

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